Tim and Jamie cower for their lives during Season 2 of episode 2 of Scream Queens. Join us as we go through microfiche at the libary, hug a tree in the name of love, and hold off unmasking the killer to answer some questions.

Will anyone ever take an uninterrupted shower? Will Kirstie Allie ever not obviously be the mother of the killer? Will the hand ever know whom it wants?


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Tim and Jamie enchant their way through the season 6 premiere of Once Upon A Time. Join us as we follow a red bird into the forrest, find out our unborn baby is actually a full grown man, and wonder why our sister is dressed like a drunk hooker detective.

Will Emma ever just say what is actually happening? Will Tim ever understand the trinity that is the Dark One? Will the Evil Queen ever buy her clothes from anywhere other than Halloween Express?


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Tim and Jamie take it all off with “The Strip” – Episode 26 of the OC. Join us as we grab our purses before going home with strippers, slam a martini and then punch Cay Cay in the chops, and just make it so obvious that we are with child.

Will Teresa ever pick up another shift? Will Glasses ever get home in time to study? Will Ryan get a lice test after wearing Trucker Hat’s trucker hat?



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Tim and Jamie booze cruise through the season 2 premiere of Scream Queens. Join as we run to the writers room to get more lines, uncover the entire plot of the coming season, and toast with Alka Seltzer vodkas.

Will we get the BMs we’ve always dreamed of with Activia? Will Lea Michele and Josh Groban ever just get together and make magical babies? Will Jon Stamos ever show us that magical nip?


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Tim and Jamie scamper through episode 25 of the OC “The Shower”. Join us as we uncover the truth about Teresa’s true identity, decorate everything we see with pink tulle, and make out with Jimmy on a couch.

Will Cindy ever accept that JuJu’s favorite food is now upscale fish? Will Marissa ever learn how to exact proper revenge? Will anyone ever find the blueprints to the Cohen mansion?



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Tim and Jamie bask in the teenage wonder gift Gossip Girl. Join us as we make truffle oil grilled cheeses – only because we are hungry, lie to our boyfriend about sleeping with her bestie, and hide from the prettiest girl in school.

Will Chuck Bass ever be allowed to use his British accent? Will Lily van der Woodsen ever remove her mask to reveal she is actually Julie Cooper? Will anyone ever eat anything other than yogurt for lunch?





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Tim and Jamie scroll through episode 24 of The O.C. “The Proposal”. Join us as we emasculate Seth for liking to paint, say tearful goodbyes to Luke, and discover the true origin of The Walking Dead.

Will the Lighthouse ever allow it’s employees to practice doing their jobs? Will Trading Spaces ever be revitalized? Will Caleb just give Marissa a hug already?

Tim and Jamie caffeinate through episode 23 of the OC – “The Nana”. Join us as we french kiss on set, strap on Thunder Coats, and push Ryan to the ground with only a flip phone to break his fall.

Will a social worker from the Bronx ever value California? Will Luke’s hair cushion the blow of Marissa’s rage? Will the bagels ever forgive Sandy for evicting them?