Tim and Jamie gobble their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.5. Join us as we pee on our ex’s sound equipment, untangle 10,000 ear buds and indulge in a Thanksgiving chick’n strip bask’t.
Will there ever be a greater romance than WhiJo? Will Rebecca steal Suni’s BFFL bracelet? Will Tim ever fly sober again? (All the answers are all NO)
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Tim and Jamie cautiously step through episode 7 of Westworld. Join us as we realize we are actually robots, bash in the heads of our former lovers and draw imaginary “real” landscapes that we may or may not have been to already.

Will going into an abandoned area of the park in the middle of the night ever be a good idea? Will saying characters names in a bad German accent ever not be funny? Will Jamie offer Tim up as a blood sacrifice to the gods? (Stay tuned!)


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Tim and Jamie blast their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.4, Once Upon a Time 6.8 and Scream Queens 2.5. Join us as we say goodbye to our bestie Greg, evaluate dragon CGI and literally give up on the scream queens (again).

Will Henry ever decide between his three moms? Will tap dancing ever be more on the nose? Will Tim and Jamie ever be comfortable doing accents again?

Crazy Ex- 6:40
OUAT- 22:53
Scream Queens- 36:12


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Tim and Jamie stab their way through episode 6 “The Adversary” of Westworld. Join us as we take a sad walk with Maeve, partake in corporate espionage while smoke cigarettes indoors, and pet our dead robot brother’s hair.

Will peeing in front of co-workers ever get you a promotion? Will we realize that Theresa from this episode is again just Oliver from the OC? Will we all listen when Aaaahnald tells us to kill all our pets?

Tim and Jamie sing and dance their way through Once Upon a Time 6.7 and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.3.  Join us as we recycle storylines with the Evil Queen, go off on dog tangents and consider leaving it all behind and starting anew in Atlanta.

Will anyone else from One Tree Hill show up in Storybrooke? Did Rebecca come off a daylong binge of NBC’s Smash? Will we ever care about Josh and Rebecca’s relationship again? (Hint: no)

OUAT discussion starts at: 17:00

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Tim and Jamie sharp shoot their way through episode 5 of Westworld (“Contrapasso”). Join us as we attempt to nail down how many timelines there are (2 or 3?), over-analyze the giant orgy scene and finally try to get everyone’s names right.

Can Logan die in the park? What is the Man in Black’s actual job?  Will our theories ever come to fruition–probs not.



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Jamie and Tim’s Understudy Morgan head 3,000 leagues under the insanity to review OUAT (6.6) and Crazy Ex (2.2). Join us as we barf into Rumple’s mouth while kissing him, lazily name two of our sons “Liam”, and snuggle huff Greg’s sweatshirt.

Will Josh ever not be completely unworthy of Rebecca’s affection? Will Jasmine ever spit out exactly what happened in or to Agrabah? Will Emma ever put those cheekbones to good use and chisel something?

Crazy Ex convo starts at 18:54

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