Tim and Jamie disappear into Chino while reviewing episode 23 season 2 of the O.C. Join us as we hide vodka in our purse, pick George Lucas’ brain about prom and crush up sleeping pills in our soon to be ex-husband’s margarita.

Will Kiki and Dawn end up roomies in rehab? Will this love triangle EVER COME TO AN END? Will Oliver ever take off his Trey mask?


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Tim, Jamie and special guest Connor Welch down 4 martinis apiece served by a mute bartender while watching season 2 episode 22 of The O.C. Join us as we drive a trash truck into a car sitting in the middle of an intersection, slut shame and fire our wife, and brawl inside a curtain.

Will Summer ever have strong enough arms to actually crack that whip? Will stalking your brother’s girlfriend ever be accepted as a romantic gesture? Will Alan Dale ever triangulate Jamie’s address?


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Tim and Jamie jump on a plane to party in the city where the heat is on during episode 21 season 2 of The O.C. Join us as we slip on a silk shirt to fake-make dinner for broke nose Carter, destroy 80-year-old men in shuffleboard, and crush our mother’s tender heart by scaring off her crook fiance.

Will Zach ever learn how to say gnocchi? Will Marissa ever get a friggin break? Will 3 sets of wall pushups ever start panning out for the cast?


Music: bensound.com

Tim and Jamie grind on some teens and recap episode 20 of season 2 of The OC.

Join us as we entrap the water polo team, obsess over Trey’s bean bag (aka THE BEAN) and cry our way out of a divorce.

Why was that prosecutor’s mouth so red and raw and chapped? Is Jess Sathers a ghost? Will we ever come around to liking that creep job booze hound shell of a human Carter? (hint: no)

Tim and Jamie grab bedazzled pistols and hold each other hostage during episode 19 season 2 of the O.C. Join us as crank out 15 sets of nose push-up, get drunk with an ex and make a plan to kill our husband, and scratch our neck for a suspiciously long time.

Will Seth and Summer ever just be happy in their relationship? Will Timmy K ever give back all the Valentines? Will close up tongue kissing ever look more sex-nasty?