Tim and Jamie stay up all night with special guest Wally K to review episode 5 of season 4 of the O.C. Join us as we make out with our daughter’s tennis instructor, play the lute to lead rabbits to freedom, and rent every movie ever made alphabetically.

Will testing out a kiss ever be as awkward? Will not knowing his own rates get a personal trainer fired? Will we ever find the origins of Bullet’s accent?


Music by bensound.com

Tim and Jamie realize motherhood has changed them both while reviewing episode 4 of season 4 of the O.C. Join us as we become the best boyfriend ever by sleeping at the airport, instantly break a two-way pact, and answer the phone while on a mandate.

Will watching someone eat a peach tart ever be more disgusting? Will the writers of Grey’s Anatomy be forced to use legal action? Will a naked guitar solo ever feel more right?