Tim and Jamie chalk up their cues and recap episode 12 season 2 of The O.C. Join us as lay down some solid guilt trip before dropping dead, slam the door in our husband’s face, and play a hilarious game of Madlibs with Daddy Caleb.

Will the Ironist ever be allowed to do what he damn wants? Will It’s Called Autumn – the Zack from The O.C. story be major hit in pilot season? Will Julie Cooper Nichol ever stop with the horse nonsense?


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Tim and Jamie don their most SATIN-y tops to recap episode 11 of season 2 of The O.C. Join us as we get plastic surgery to look more like Michael Jackson’s corpse, dump hot melted cheese on our estranged father and stand akimbo, duh.

Will Cal ever get over his jealousy of Ryan’s wig? Will Marissa and Alex’s romance ever be summed up with anything more than a fart noise? Will Summer ever learn how to hold a pencil???


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Tim and Jamie suffer from information overload in episode 10 season 2 of the OC. Join us as we search for our twice dead/not dead ex-engaged to be engaged girlfriend, wrap ourselves in corduroy, and get a tramp stamp to show our independence.

Will we ever recover from finding out Kirsten is a closeted antisemite? Will Jamie ever not be angry at her fictional thong wearing step-son? Will Cal ever sit through an entire dinner without incident?


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Tim and Jamie order too much Thai and watch episode 9 of season 2 of The O.C with special guest Jeremy Smith. Join us as we legally claim Ryan Atwood as a dependent, spastically jump into the ocean in the middle of the night, and cuddle up under a blanket while making eyes at each other.

Will we discover that Lindsey is secretly a 45 year old divorcée? Is there a better game plan than leaving your drunk girlfriend alone on the beach at high tide to grab some fries? Will we ever get to subscribe to Newport Living?

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Tim and Jamie run from the cops during episode 8 of season 2 of The O.C with dignified Southern gentleman Tim Leavon. Join us as we make SO MANY PANCAKES, bomb our first meeting with Zach’s “too intellectual” family and get broken up with by the gardner.


Will there ever be a more soothing sound than Sandy’s voice pulsing through the Bait Shop? How many times can Lindsey get rejected before she realizes she needs to get outta here? Does Sandy exclusively buy ties that are 3 feet wide?


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Tim and Jamie half-heartedly celebrate the holidays with season 2 episode 6 of The O.C. Join us as we breathe like animals with Jimmy and Julie, slap our father for having cheated on our dead mother and professionally decorate a massive tree in 20 minutes.

Has there ever been a cuter hat than the Yamaclaus? Can we ever un-hear Julie talking like whittle baby to Jimmy? Will Seth ever figure out exactly how a family tree works?


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Tim and Jamie group hang with season 2 episode 4 of The O.C. Join us as we give our lawyer Sandy the run around, poison Jimmy with a toxic lobster roll and get naked wasted with Julie and some old men.

Has there ever been a more generic and confusing nickname for Zach than “duckie”? Will a concert at the Bait Shop ever look like fun and NOT a funeral? Will we ever be able to un-see that green bow on the back of Marissa’s hat?


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Tim and Jamie gobble their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.5. Join us as we pee on our ex’s sound equipment, untangle 10,000 ear buds and indulge in a Thanksgiving chick’n strip bask’t.
Will there ever be a greater romance than WhiJo? Will Rebecca steal Suni’s BFFL bracelet? Will Tim ever fly sober again? (All the answers are all NO)
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