Tim and Jamie leave a coded message for our parents before slipping out the door in episode 2 of season 4 of the O.C. Join us as we drudge up the Spanish we took for two semesters in college, shave each other’s chests in the middle of a friend’s bedroom, and sleep outside with our friend the tree.

Will we ever find out whether a lead pipe beats knife? Will Taylor ever get a moment to discuss le divorce? Will Julie ever explain why she only took a nibble of a Pringle?

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Tim and Jamie meet at a motel to discuss murder in episode 1 of season 4 of The O.C. Join us as we leave long detailed messages about the comings and goings of everyone we know on our girlfriend’s answering machine, join a fight club just to feel alive and make a comic book that brings our stray brother home.

Will Che ever find a cause he doesn’t want to stand for? Will Kaitlin ever express a human feeling? Will Julie ever end up with her own HDTV show after honing her gardening and renovation skills?

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Tim and Jamie carry Marissa’s dying body away from a burning wreck in episode 25 of season 3 of the O.C. Join us as we make an awkward boob joke to our future step-father, face absolutely no consequences for burning down an office, and rekindle our marriage on the kitchen floor.

Will Sandy ever get his due for helping inspire the musical Hamilton? Will we ever find out why Tim lied about the time jump in the 4th season? Will Ryan ever reveal why he didn’t JUST PULL OVER?


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Tim throws Jamie in the back of a van to drop her off at a hospital in episode 24 of season 3 of the O.C. Join us as we tie a pantless man to a janitor’s chair, carelessly set our family business aflame, and make our ex-girlfriend be our alibi – no questions asked.

Will following your mother to an AA meeting ever be more revealing? Will accidentally ratting out your boyfriend for not getting into college ever be more awkward? Will Sandy and Seth ever feel like father and son again???

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Tim and Jamie wait until last minute to ask each other to prom during season 3 episode 23 of the O.C. Join us as we let Kevin know there is a snake in his shower, drop off a note about our boyfriend’s bad behavior to his father, and decide not to tell our husband about having a drink because that’s basically blackmail.

Will punching someone in the face at prom ever be more deserved? Will there ever be a classier acceptance of Prom Queen? Will anyone ever provide Seth with a moist towelette???

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Tim and Jamie publicly roast our husband and then slam a glass of wine during season 3 episode 23 of the O.C. Join us as we discover we may have a baby, break up with our bad boy boyfriend because, you know, Sound Of Music, and meet with Dr. Overbee to discuss our future.

Will hair and makeup ever apologize to us for Anna’s wig? Will Marissa ever live her best Liesl life? Will Julie ever get to bet a conniving B ever again?


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Tim and Jamie take a quick trip to Albuquerque to hook up with a waitress during season 3 episode 21. Join us as we casually remind our mother that she slept with our ex, un-breakup then re-break-up, and open a bottle of wine just to spill it down the drain.

Will Ryan ever make a decision without the help of a love interest? Will we ever find out what Marissa did with Heather’s lifeless body? Will Creepy Tennis Guy ever get his?


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Tim and Jamie get ready to burn their college sweatshirts at a bonfire during season 3 episode 20 of the O.C. Join us as we finish up a long day of work stringing jewelry, lie to all of our friends about getting into Brown, and forget all our morals so we can build a super community for the less fortunate.

Will Seth and Summer ever go more than 3 episodes without breaking up? Will telling someone you are there for them and then immediately disappearing ever feel more comforting? Will Julie ever get to plot and scheme again?


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Tim and Jamie get ready to grab someone by the pooper while watching season 3 episode 19 of the O.C. Join us as we propose a trial engagement, meet up with our ex’s new man to dump the responsibly of her garbage life on him, and get one last sweet shot of Gus before we leave the trailer park forever.

Will Ryan ever get his normal speaking voice back? Will Sandy ever get his beautiful head out of his bum? Will J.J. Philbin ever get her crap together?


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Tim and Jamie attend a rager with the rest of USC during season 3 episode 18 of the O.C. Join us as we decide to give into temptation and have relations with two of our ex-boyfriends’ nemesis, invite a 17-year-old girl to sleepover, and give excellent amateur couple’s counselling.

Will we ever see Julie again? Will Ryan ever get that Emmy nom for his toy car monologue? Will Sandy ever act like himself again?

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