Tim and Jamie jump into episode 8 with newly converted O.C. fanatic Dan Hill. Join us as we discuss Jimmy’s dentures, dream about candy striper jobs, and revel in Julie’s extreme beast behavior.

Will Ryan ever get into Newport School? Will Julie ever find her soul? Will we ever contact the Long Island Medium so that we can speak with the ghost of China?
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Tim and Jamie rummage through episode 7 of the OC. Join us as we navigate the southern California coast with the Core 4, admire Sandy’s disdain of the man, and dry heave as we pretend to feel bad for Jimmy Cooper.

Will Holly ever stop being a garbage person? Will Sandy tear up some waves on his new board? Will Summer ever eat the rest of those crusts?


Tim and Jamie dissect episode 6 of the OC with Alabama Slammer Tim Leavon. Wait, two Tims? That must be so confusing. You bet it is. Join us as we admire Ryan’s tireless work ethic, agonize over Marissa’s Sofie’s choice, and pop a few bottles of 2 Buck Chuck.

Will Seth ever have a football player’s body? Will China ever get her bestie back? Will Charles Widmore ever perform the corkscrew?

Tim and Jamie gush over episode 5 of The O.C. with special guest Chris O’Reilly. Join us as we admire dating advice from a hermit, question the likelihood of putting a gun in your jeans without underwear on, and rage over Jimmy Cooper’s utter lack of remorse for his wrong doings.

Will Seth salt Ryan’s game AGAIN? Is it possible to cook a grilled cheese on an actual grill without getting grill marks on it? Will Chris ever get that third beer?

Tim and Jamie dive head first into episode 4 of The O.C. Join us as we scrutinize the elite coming of age ceremony: Cotillion, fall in love with newcomer Anna and cringe as Jimmy and Sandy pretend to enjoy each other’s company.

Will anyone show up at Cotillion? Can someone actually die of embarrassment when their credit card is declined? How many pairs of underpants are enough underpants?

Tim and Jamie review episode 3 of the O.C. with special guest Anastasia Nguyen. We fill in holes of the complicated timeline that elapses between episodes 2 and 3, discuss Tim and Annie’s self tapes, and dig further into the genius that was the writer’s room.

Is Rosa secretly trying to embarrass Kirsten in front of her high society friends? Can a plastic fork really pierce neck flesh? What is the metaphor behind Sandy eating someone’s baked goods?

Tim and Jamie along with guest southern belle Morgan White, review episode 2 of The O.C. Join us discuss some racy fan fiction, add Kiehl’s cucumber facial moisturizer our disaster survival kit and cheers to Dancing With The Stars’ most recent victim.

How many fights can Luke and Ryan get into?  Will Ryan ever get to listen to his entire mixed CD? When will Shailene Woodley realize she’s divergent and give up horseback riding for good?

Tim and Jamie delve into the pilot episode of The O.C. Join us as we wonder why leather necklaces ever went out of style, find out exactly what bacon smells like, and discover how to have a truly spectacular mental breakdown in a public restroom.

What is really up with Seth? What actually happens when a stolen car careens into a transformer? How many more times can we say Ryan?