Tim and Jamie re-enroll in season 2 episode 2 of The O.C. Join us as we sign up for comic book club, skulk around in the shadows of the haunted mansion and steal sexy storylines from Desperate Housewives.

Will Sandy ever make a good egg dish? Will we ever see Archie the contractor again? Will the image of Jimmy and Hailey doing the deed on a yacht ever be gone from our minds?


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Jamie and Tim sail their way through season 2 episode 1 of The O.C. Join us as we participate in some shirtless construction, underage drink with Coops and grill some of Seth Cohen’s famous raw meatball patties.

Will we ever see Theresa, her baby and the banana mobile again? Will Mischa Barton ever win an retro-active Emmy for that pool scene? Will anyone ever stop talking about the China? (We hope not)


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Tim and Jamie booze cruise through the season 2 premiere of Scream Queens. Join as we run to the writers room to get more lines, uncover the entire plot of the coming season, and toast with Alka Seltzer vodkas.

Will we get the BMs we’ve always dreamed of with Activia? Will Lea Michele and Josh Groban ever just get together and make magical babies? Will Jon Stamos ever show us that magical nip?


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