Tim and Jamie blast their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2.4, Once Upon a Time 6.8 and Scream Queens 2.5. Join us as we say goodbye to our bestie Greg, evaluate dragon CGI and literally give up on the scream queens (again).

Will Henry ever decide between his three moms? Will tap dancing ever be more on the nose? Will Tim and Jamie ever be comfortable doing accents again?

Crazy Ex- 6:40
OUAT- 22:53
Scream Queens- 36:12


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Tim and Jamie pull double duty recapping both Once Upon a Time 6.4 AND Scream Queens 2.4. Join us as we cut our hair for the first time in centuries, role-play our favorite Oscar winners in the bedroom and realize our lowly teachers aide is a fancy-pants princess.
Will physics class ever be as interesting as Hunger Games style archery? Will there ever be a costume as bone-chilling as Hester’s Ivanka Trump? Will there EVER be a Scream Queens/Once Upon a Time cross over? We sure hope so…

If you are just here for our Scream Queens recap…that begins at 25:15!

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Tim and Jamie Beautiful Mind their way through episode 3 season 2 of Scream Queens. Join us as we dump yet another body into the swamp, air-out our scrots with Stamos and launch a luxurious lotion line (alliteration…boom).

Will anyone ever run when the killer approaches? Will Chad survive the stab wounds and 10-foot fall? Will Number 5 ever go to dental school to learn more about cabitys?


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Tim and Jamie cower for their lives during Season 2 of episode 2 of Scream Queens. Join us as we go through microfiche at the libary, hug a tree in the name of love, and hold off unmasking the killer to answer some questions.

Will anyone ever take an uninterrupted shower? Will Kirstie Allie ever not obviously be the mother of the killer? Will the hand ever know whom it wants?


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Tim and Jamie booze cruise through the season 2 premiere of Scream Queens. Join as we run to the writers room to get more lines, uncover the entire plot of the coming season, and toast with Alka Seltzer vodkas.

Will we get the BMs we’ve always dreamed of with Activia? Will Lea Michele and Josh Groban ever just get together and make magical babies? Will Jon Stamos ever show us that magical nip?


Music : www.bensound.com