A weekly podcast about shitty old shows you used to watch.

Join professional shit-talkers Jamie Stephens and Tim Braun as they dive into their questionable TV viewing habits.

Our first stop on this voyage is the beloved teen soap darling The O.C., because we all wish we were acne-ridden preteens again, right?


Tim Braun is an actor living in Los Angeles (so original, right?). His hobbies include: eating El Pollo Loco, seeing movies high, making to-do lists, Katherine McPhee, complaining while working out, scented candles, feigning interest in sporting events, almond milk and repeating jokes so often that they are no longer funny.

Jamie Stephens is a comedian also living in Los Angeles, just trying to get closer to Tim. Her hobbies include: turning rap songs into power ballads, making fun of people and then not being able to handle it when the tables have turned, going on fad diets, karaoke, making up broadway musical style songs about strangers, and wine & bacon pairing.


Music: www.bensound.com